Sorry about not putting a new podcast out yet i am having some problems with my computer and also my internet is realy slowy this week.

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The Podcast was made on friday and had been uploaded on the server this will be the last time it is called podsafe music rewind all new podcasts will be with the new name.
Perfect miggs
Snowflakes Demerit 7
Madness The Bombhappies
What To Do With Michael Candy Butchers

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There is a new name to the podcast due to problems the new name is All POD Music

I am working on a new podcast at the moment so just hold on

in the mean time here is a song from Steadman  the song is called Sun Lotion

Welcome to the First Podcast That has been made.

The Songs the are played are Fairest of the Mall by Griddle

I Am Not Afraid by Majek Fashek

In A Long Time by 46bliss

Music from Podshow Music

note: the podcast has now changed it name to All POD MUSIC